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My name is Deborah, an expert hypnotherapist based in London for two weeks in the month and the balance of time in Europe.

I invite you to settle down for a few minutes and read this page. If you feel that I can help you with the issues you are currently facing in your life, please contact me and we can discuss your situation.

In total, I spend around half of my time performing hypnotherapy in London, in both Knightsbridge, and Mayfair. I invite you to read and gain a better overall understanding of whether, and how, now, modern, contemporary hypnosis and therapy can help you.

My clients come from across the south east of England and many are based in Central and Greater London. I also work with people remotely from across the United Kingdom via skype if required.

My experience and expertise has been garnered over almost two decades and over that time I have and continue to work with doctors, and am invited into hospital environments to work with challenging cases. However, the majority of my clientelle are like you. Intelligent, busy professionals with, let’s say, ‘a lot on your mind’.

In a metropolis, like London, as in any other European-based city, you are under increasing stress and pressure, both from a home and family perspective and a work one. Time has not expanded, and life has.

Technology was in theory designed to make life easier, and the bottom line is, it has simply made it easier to fit more in. We all are virtually addicted to fitting more in, and push eventually comes to shove… and shove gets you through the door of a recommended and experienced professional such as myself. Financial pressures too, lead to psychological pressure, and thinly spread cash, can be a cause of stress to even the most mentally strong.

We can crave a release or outlet to reduce the pressure. Some have better transformational coping strategies than others. The effects of stress and an overwhelming build up of pressure, do differ from person to person. For some people it manifests itself in recreational drug use, and sometimes hard drug addiction, for others (the majority), we may drink an extra glass of wine, and commonly we can overeat and smoke, although as your friends stop it is likely you think about stopping too. I ask you, how about the rest, and the balance?

I published a defining guide to contemporary hypnosis and therapy. The book, Iʹm Afraid of Hypnosis but I Donʹt Know Why, seeks to reveal the truth about hypnotherapy, and hypnotherapists, and to put forward a clear and con­structive message about the power of hypnotherapy, and hypnotic techniques, as a means of overcoming psychological challenges, and the issues I have mentioned. So many of you also ask, does hypnotherapy work? First and foremost, the book offers guidance and support to all UK readers and clients, and those in Europe, considering embarking on a course of hypnotherapy, or self-hypnosis, and who are seeking a firmer grasp of the hypnotic techniques involved.

Doing Your Own Research

I have found that clients tend to make a lot of enquiries and to talk to a lot of home-based, friends and colleagues too. In addition, clients from other parts of Greater London, and the surrounding counties, are a rich source of referrals and information. In short, clients tend to gather a lot of information and do their research before choosing to follow through with a hypnotic healing experience. My book, Iʹm Afraid of Hypnosis but I Donʹt Know Why provides you with answers to com­monly asked questions that you tend to pose both before and after a one-to-one session of hypnotherapy.

Regardless of whether you are seeking information about hypno­therapy1 for yourself or on behalf of someone else based in the UK, or in Europe ― or are just curious ― the basic ideas and information are of consid­erable im­portance to understanding the whole process of chang­ing your mind for the better.

You are going to discover that you can get help for a problem that you may have been putting up with for years, be it a fear of flying; a fear of motorways or of actually driving; a phobia of spiders; or a feeling of being depressed, and stuck in depression; a state of stress, social anxiety or panic attacks. You may be wishing to get pregnant, or needing support with the emotional rigours of IVF treatment. And of course you may be wishing to use hypnosis for natural childbirth. The choices for hypnosis are as far and widely spread as your imagination and your personal wish for your mental health, physical health, and spiritual well-being. Hypnosis is a power for good in all ways. Wouldn’t it be good to get a clearer idea of what actually happens during a course of hypnotherapy sessions, and to gain more insight into the role of the hypnotherapist?

Can You Do-It-Yourself?

I have met a number of people that have asked me about self hypnosis as a form of treatment. It is certainly possible that an individual can learn hypnosis and then perform self hypnosis to treat themselves. However, as a trained professional, and an expert hypnotherapist, I have experienced the many levels of additional learning and subtlety that are required to really treat clients, and with the benefits of hypnotherapy in mind, I would suggest that while self hypnosis is possible, and a wonderful skill to learn, it is unlikely that most people will be able to treat themselves safely and effectively on a deeper level. Therefore, my suggestion to most people would be, “Don’t try this at home!”, stealing the famous phrase from television.

There are, of course, other methods of achieving a healthy mind and body, and of achieving well-being. High on the list of beneficial activities that can be performed by an individual are of course to eat a healthy diet, and take, regular exercise, or to participate in yoga and meditation classes.

While these activities can help many people, for the busy career orientated person, there often is simply insufficient time in the week, to fit in sleep, let alone sessions in the gym or a relaxing massage. Despite this, there are no amount of sessions in the gym that can guarantee you quit smoking! Some issues need to be dealt with mentally as well as physically, and with an expert on your team.

In Your Corner

An expert hypnotherapist, is a Coach, a co-facilitator, and a champion of whatever you wish for yourself. As a certified, professional, expert, hypnotherapist, I have been trained to search out the stresses and strains that cause the behaviour we hope to manage and transcend, and to help clients develop a framework that enables you to take back control of your life in a positive and lasting way. Taking back control could be related to overcoming panic or anxiety. It could also come down to getting back in control of something that has to now been controlling you, such as the usual suspects you know and love so well: cigarettes, junk food, chocolate, coca cola, and other sugar-filled drinks, coffee, or/and alcohol.

Just because you know that smoking, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, and overeating are bad for you in the long term, does not seem to make it easy and natural to give up these pleasures or addictions day to day and especially in times of stress. Of course, our lack of will power usually has an underlying cause and it is this that hypnotherapy seeks to treat.

When you decide to choose hypno­therapy, this information will enable you to arrive at your session with an informed understanding of what hypnosis is, and what your therapeutic hypnosis will be like.

Interactive Hypnotherapy In London

Iʹm Afraid of Hypnosis but I Donʹt Know Why is a book about inter­active hypnotherapy ― not the definitive book about it, but a book that does define modern hypnosis. I am well aware that fellow hypnotherapists may have different per­spectives although I hope they will nevertheless find much that is of interest in it. They will of course have their own views on hypnotherapy.

Please be aware that a hypnotherapist  ― by listening to and trusting her own intuition ― may introduce other steps and may design your session in a different way. Some hypnotherapists only employ direct suggestion hypnosis.


This hypnotic technique is like listening to a hypnotherapy download. Hypnotherapy downloads are all well and therapeutically good but the hypnotherapy training needed is minimal, and touches the surface. Why pay to listen to a hypnotherapist read a hypnotherapy script that does not reflect you? In my opinion, your words, phrases and sentences are key to success and to the success of your healing and transformation.

Many different sequences of steps can take you to where you want to be. The interactive and thera­peutic dance between both client and hypnotherapist is always in motion.

If you feel that I can help you with the issues you are currently facing in your life, please contact me and we can discuss your situation.

Now London hypnotherapy is gaining respect. More and more people are attracted to hypnotherapy as something that can help personal development and growth. Vague feelings of fear and apprehension deterred people from trying it hypnosis and therapy, and hypnotic techniques. Now, at long last, more and more people are opening their minds to a therapeutic technique that is enjoyable, relaxing and really very effective.

Many healthy and happy people say that, ʺIn every other part of my life, I am happy with who I am. I simply want help getting on top of one thing…ʺ, such as … ʺpublic speakingʺ, ʺan inter­viewʺ, ʺmy driving testʺ, ʺsmokingʺ, ʺunhealthy eatingʺ, ʺnail bitingʺ, ʺgoing red in front of authority figuresʺ, “blushing”, ʺbeing in high placesʺ, (Fear of heights), ʺnot believing I can succeed in my competitive sportʺ, (Self sabotage), ʺmy loss of self-
motivationʺ, ʺlacking enough confidence to realise my full potentialʺ, ʺcutting out like a car that wonʹt start when Iʹm at an audition.ʺ

hypnotherapy London

Some come to hypnotherapy London because their usually healthy minds suddenly become unhealthy. The bottom can appear to drop out of their respective worlds. Their usual buoyancy, happiness and their robust sense of self-esteem sink without trace. I’ve suggested alongside each statement the kinds of emotions that such situations can ‘throw up’ and that de-stalilise your body and your mind. Our sense of balance and sense of ‘certainty’ seems lost.

• ʺI split up with my partner.ʺ Abandonment. Rejection. Fear. Lonliness.

Anxiety. Loss.

• ʺI was made redundant and my confidence went.ʺ Fear. Failure.

Rejection. Panic. Low self esteem and lack of confidence.

• ʺMy mum died.ʺ Grief. Anger. Saddness. Depression. ʺMy father passed

away.ʺ Grief. Anger. Saddness. Depression.

• ʺI started feeling anxious for no reason at all.ʺ Impotence. Sexual

dysfunction. Panic attacks. Fear.

• ʺThings just got too busy at work and Iʹm not handling the stress.ʺ Stress


• ʺI started having nightmares.ʺ Fear. Dis-ease. Imbalance.

• ʺI started feeling angry for no apparent reason.ʺ Anger. Saddness.


• ʺIʹm on a self-mending mission.ʺ Pain. Pain-free. Personal development.

Coaching. Discovery and growth.

• ʺEver since that happened, Iʹve been feeling low.ʺ Saddness.


Trust me. Your sense of balance and sense of ‘certainty’ seems lost.

Sometimes you come after they have taken some form of allopathic medication for a while usually anti-depressants. You come to get off, or reduce your medication. You come to to get free.

Interactive hypnotherapy presents different opportunities to different people. Generally speaking, if you can think of it, if you can put a name to it, you can use hypnotherapy, and hypnotic techniqes to help clear it, to free it, to transform it or to improve it! And with respect to speaking, you free yourself from stammering too.

quit smoking

You may smoke, and wish to stop smoking ― quit smoking, whatever description you choose to use. You may say that smoke literally and metaphorically creates a smoke-screen of protection, and supports your sense of strength, courage, and self-confidence. Smokers can perceive a cigarette as a friend, a regular and very frequent companion.

If you’re not a smoker, you may not understand the sense of companionship that a cigarette can symbolise. Quitting can therefore bring on a sense of loss, a sense of grief, and a real sense of fear and aloneness. Weight gain, and by this I refer to emotional, as I have just described and physical. People can begin to eat more and more to compensate and put on weight. It can seem that way. None of this seems like I am describing the benefits of hypnotherapy in London to stop smoking. True.

With interactive hypnotherapy healthy eating and Water ― ‘drinking glass after glass’ to detox, is a factor. When you come to quit smoking with myself, all your fear and apprehensions are discussed. When you are afraid of weight gain, we address healthy eating, and eating a healthy diet.

You’ll feel much more comfortable with quitting smoking and letting go of this ‘false’ friend, and so gaining a new relationship, a new friend called Health and Well-being! Your thoughts of how much hypnotherapy is going to cost you are amply covered by the savings you now make stopping smoking3. And always there is added value when you quit. Not only is the air in central and Greater London cleaner, you’ll be helping the southeast and UK to get cleaner and fresher air too. Most importantly you benefit from cleaner, and fresher air!

Some of you ask if you need to use a patch or patches. I’ll tell you no, but if you wish for that supper it is fine with me.

How Do You Select A London Hypnotherapist?

Clients have often been put off by what they have seen of stage and television hypnosis; others say they just didnʹt know which hypnotherapist to choose and they didnʹt know anyone else who had tried hypnotherapy ― and they didnʹt want to pick some­one unknown from a directory. ʺItʹs a bit of a jungleʺ.

ʺYou donʹt know who to go to, because you hear such funny things in the press about hypnosis.ʺ Whatever you come to hypnotherapy to achieve you will also find that your sense of self-confidence, self-belief and self-esteem soars. This tends to happen even if you are not specifically aiming to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. There is a welcome ripple effect into other areas of your life. Hypnotherapy London truly is a way of helping you to get behind the driving seat of your life. Interactive hypnotherapy enables you literally to ʹchange your mindʹ or to ʹmake up your mindʹ for the better. You can change it, and make it up, to reflect the best and the brightest you can possibly be.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy4 is a pro-active form of inner coaching, and you can be your own best coach.

We are in touch with the world but out of touch with our­selves. We communicate across the globe but sometimes we cannot communicate with our own selves. We can access understanding and knowledge at the push of a few buttons but have perhaps not the understanding and knowledge to soothe and heal our own psychological buttons. We have pain buttons, grief buttons, irritation buttons, ʹbeing misunderstoodʹ buttons, ʹlet-downʹ buttons, ʹbetrayedʹ buttons, and rejection buttons ― often so raw, theyʹre extremely sensitive when pushed. They can niggle, ache and brood.

Emotionally, people may ʹstew in their own juiceʹ, ʹfly off the handleʹ, ʹstormʹ out of a boardroom. Their text messages can trick instead of treat. Their emails flame and flare. Their voicemail messages fry with frustration. On the road, they are in a rage! At home, they lash out at loved ones.

Other people press your buttons the wrong way. That is when you react the most and may surprise yourself. When we choose to think about it we may realise that our buttons are some­times easily rendered hyper-sensitive. We may be irritated by people who make us wait as they rush through their days.

These are situations that we may know all too well the driver who doesnʹt drive fast enough for our schedule; the endlessly stopping refuse truck; or the home-removals van blocking our way in our own street; the irritatingly long queue; the person paying by cheque instead of a credit card or ready cash people going about their business, sometimes too easily annoy and frustrate us.

In new relationships with friends and lovers we discover more mental buttons.

These buttons go by names like guilt, ab­and­on­ment, rejection, resentment, failure and being unloved. Whatever name you give them they take root and become over-sensitive. They can control you ― at least, until you take control of them.

Would You Like To Lose Weight?

So you want to lose weight?5 When this is the case you need to consider three emotions.

Think of Anger as endlessly eating. And, however much she eats she never feels full. She never feels fulfilled. You begin to take control when you start to question why. Why do I eat so much? Itʹs not necessarily that you eat too much of the ʹbad stuffʹ. In fact, you might not be eating the bad stuff at all. You may be eating too much of the nutritional good stuff. The problem is simply that you just cannot stop eating, and so put on weight. Let go of the anger ― the driving emotion ― and you can loose weight. Alternatively, in some cases, Anger may do the opp­osite: she may refuse to eat at all.

If you feel that I can help you with the issues you are currently facing in your life, please contact me and we can discuss your situation.

Guilt may drink excessive amounts of alcohol or take drugs until she is out of her mind. Your inner judge may engage you in dialogue at any time of day or night, making its judgements and bringing forward the inner voices that express worry, fear, anxiety, guilt, regret, and resentment. Those voices can lead to insomnia, as they do not need sleep. They are players who play on your mind and can imprison you with their chains of words. They can prevent you from getting on with your life in a way that honours who you truly are.

Sometimes Anger and Guilt are so afraid and so ashamed of what they might do if they were ever to be unleashed that each of them can cause you much unease and so, indirectly, dis-ease. They can make you feel small and make you cower. They themselves cower anxiously. Then Anxiety holds the reins of your days: Anxiety pulls the strings. For Anxiety does not let you live a normal life. But Anger and Guilt are by no means the only rogue players fuelling the anxious mind. Anxietyʹs diet is a banquet. It is a feast that consists of your life ― all the first-times, the fearful times, the embarrassed times, the humiliated times, the misunderstood times and the wrong­ed times.

Release Yourself From Anxiety

Anxiety finds succour in the many different rites of passage that we experience in our growing-up. And of course we are always growing up. These events and situations are just the ones that we especially remember. Rarely have we completely forgotten the others. Our awareness may con­sist of a vague recollection perhaps. We have lost sight, sense and sound of the fine details but the essence persists.

We live in an age of anxiety6 and uncertainty. Anxiety is like a modern-day virus. Anxiety can attack com­pletely out of the blue. The eruption of anxiety in the form of a panic attack is in­creas­ingly common. Panic attacks do not announce themselves. They are downright rude. They barge in and take over when you would least expect them to turn up. You could be out and about ― in a shopping centre, on holiday in the sun, feeling happy and relaxed, or travelling on a train, a bus or an aeroplane.

People who speak about their experiences of panic attacks gener­ally report the experiences as being very frightening ― their personal diagnosis is often described as, ʺI thought I was having a heart attackʺ, or, ʺI thought I was going to dieʺ. Suddenly the buttons are pressed full on ― all survival stations are put on red alert.

People who experience panic attacks and people who fear flying, or lizards have much in common. Collectively they do not know the reason for the sudden impulse of emotion or behaviour. They do not know what lies behind the veil. Part of their response is inevitably a fear of the unknown.

We may, at times, inflict these self-limiting beliefs upon our­selves by believing other peopleʹs opinions of ourselves. We do not all make it all the way. Some of us need help ― help in flicking a few switches, or releasing some locks in the sub­conscious mind ― to get us fully into the light at the end of the tunnel.

Looking Inside Can Reinvigorate You

Hypnotherapy in London is a way to lift the bonnet of the inner engine, to give yourself a fuel change ― to let go of any residual low-octane fuel so that you can live a higher-performance life and a more emotionally comfortable life. Yes, you may know about the original trigger event. But, what you may not know is how that event is fuelling your reactions and responses in the here and now.

The surprises in a hypnotherapeutic session are quite often the ʹlinksʹ and the ʹconnectionsʹ between the situations, cir­cum­stances and original trigger events that are revealed to be under­lying the problem. These are the surprises and, as such, can lead you to reflections at the end of the session such as: ʺBut … I knew all about that happening. Yet, I had no idea that it was affect­ing me in this way.ʺ It seems that your subconscious mind will alert you to what you are ready and open to receive.

Therapy and counselling have for years provided long-term answers. For many it has offered a long-term commitment to a contract ― a contract lasting anything from six weeks to six months and sometimes years ― once, twice or even three times a week. After completing that long-term contract you may have ended your therapy with understanding ― but with no change, no trans­formation and sometimes feeling even worse.

Talking can help, but it can do that without actually chang­ing you. It can indulge you if it goes on beyond what is worthwhile. Bright and intelligent people can talk end­lessly without the subconscious getting a word in edgeways. Hypnosis and therapy, with an expert hypnotherapist.

If you feel that I can help you with the issues you are currently facing in your life, please contact me and we can discuss your situation.

This short presentation was my delivery at TEDxValletta in 2011 and relates to everything discussed above:

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