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Weight Loss With Gastric-Band Hypnosis


Do you feel full enough?

Clients come to me to achieve weight loss goals, knowing pretty much everything there is to know about nutrition and healthy eating.  Indeed, some clients are eating food mountains of the good stuff ― not just the bad, and the junk.  So how come I ask you… are you not FULL and FILLED?  Get it? Full-filled!

The Weight Loss Package includes:
•    discovering why you may not be full-filled?  And/or discovering what you have to this point ‘appeared to gain’ by being larger than you now desire;
•    a dialogue in deep relaxation to gain clarity, illumination, and another perspective to view your pattern of eating;
•    the opportunity and support to get to access to those emotions that are driving you to eat too much of the good stuff or the bad;
•    a hale, hearty, and healthy ‘eat smaller portions and use a smaller plate ‘kick-start’;
•    perhaps a process of reconciliation and acceptance of the past eating habits and behaviour.  This process is rooted and grounded in love, and entirely progresses with you in mind.  Permission is asked, every step of the way;
•    you’ll get to build a metaphorical team, (of your choice) to witness and move forward with you, to support, and encourage you;
•    capturing a ‘picture of health’, and a body that is the ‘healthy size and shape you choose now to be’.;
•    Optional EXTRA:  Gastric Band direct suggestion hypnosis;
•    Optional EXTRA:  other direct suggestion to suit your wishes;
•    support and cheer-leading to move you towards your goal weight, week after week… month after month.

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