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Life Review

In a world of pressure, discover your inner world!

Reviewing your life can present an opportunity to reflect, and to recognise your personal and professional success ― something that in your life back home you are less likely to make the time to do.  You may discover hidden ideas, and reservoirs of creativity.  A life review offers you the opportunity to celebrate and own your successes, and to ‘reconcile’ any perceived failures, emotional issues, or events, regrets, or losses, and sense of inadequacy, where you may be or feel, ‘lost for words’.

A life review session can support you in ‘finding the words’, and in finding those words, discover value, learning, and perhaps even ‘benefit’ from the event that took place.  You may reflect, pleasantly on the advantages that may have already, or are about to arise from the event or the circumstance ― whatever that may be.  In this way you can begin to move from the ‘disaster’, and the ‘despair’ and ‘depression’, into the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.

You are likely someone who keeps their career resume (CV), bang-up-to-date.  Deborah offers you the opportunity to bring your emotions, and your inner world, up-to-date with your outer world, so you feel more congruent, more authentic, more in balance and more at ease with yourself and your world.

The Package includes:
•    a discussion to gather a few words or phrases to begin the session.  Curiously it is often the first or last phrase that is key;
•    a dialogue in deep relaxation to gain clarity, illumination, and another perspective to view your situation from.  There is often that ‘Aha’ moment;
•    a process of reconciliation and perhaps acceptance.  This process is rooted and grounded in love, and entirely progresses with you in mind.  Permission is asked, every step of the way;
•    building a metaphorical inner team, (of your choice) to move forward with you, and to support, and champion you; and celebrate your success in the here and now;
•    reveal seemingly ‘hidden’ ideas, and a vast reservoir of creativity;
•    practise moving forward with Glee, Gladness, and supreme Optimism into your continuing successful future!

If you have any questions or if you wish to book your own hypnotherapy session, please follow this link and complete the contact form. If you are situated outside of central London or Malta, Deborah offers one-to-one sessions via video-linked Skype.

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