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Six Senses Sanctuary CD

Deborah CD Six Senses - Hypnotherapy AudioDeborah and the team at Six Senses have released a great new CD recording. The idea for this was conceived on one of Deborah’s visits to Six Senses in June 2009. Deborah has designed the content of the CDs, written and read the script, and a design team at The Hub designed the exquisite cover of the CD. Recordings were made at a studio in England, in February 2010. They are for sale, mostly at Six Senses spas.

Contents of this Hypnotherapy Audio CD

After Deborah’s introduction (2 minutes), you can choose from five tracks, each of which delivers a beautiful tonic for your mind and spirit,

  • Project Wellness (17 minutes)
    Designed to promote and to progress your wellness goals and strengthen your will-power to sustain success.
  • Inner Child Journey (19 minutes)
    An opportunity to reconcile past hurts and mis-understandings and to re-design labels that help you support your life in the here and now; bringing your emotional résumé in line with your professional résumé.
  • Power Shower of Light (4 minutes)
    Connect with a life-force of luminous light; a power shower of light; receive an energizing download of suggestions to switch you on fully. This is a vital four-minute boost to supplement your daily life.
  • Mind Detox Tonic (17 minutes)
    You are about to experience an emotional and mental detox to release negativity in all forms; a detox to support you to feel lighter and more open to possibilities.
  • Relaxation and Sensational Sleep(16 minutes)
    This all-round tonic is the equivalent of a shake of sleeping powder; offering you relaxation at any time of day and a tool to encourage deep sleep at night. Mothers-to-be have found it very effective and supportive to prepare for childbirth.


What listeners are saying about the sensational Six Senses Tonics CD:

“I wanted to tell you about the cd – it was amazing..it works wonders. It is really powerful. Highly recommendable to anyone who has been struggling with weight issues like myself. Thank you so much.” (Maltese client)

“A couple of weeks ago Georgina had a bad headache and I gave her your CD to listen to and it got rid of the headache very quickly. I have also given it to Miles on occasion when he has had a migraine and it has worked. It is great! (British client).

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