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Fast Track Psychotherapy


May I use an inelegant expression?

Interactive hypnotherapy cuts the crap!  There.  I’ve said it.  Bright intelligent people can talk and talk and talk, and the subconscious doesn’t get a look in.  That is why psychotherapy and analysis can take so long.  Of course a gifted and intuitive psychotherapist may circumnavigate the conscious to access your deepest mind.  However they may not.  The two can however work together ― side by side.

Interactive hypnotherapy supports you in fast tracking ‘stuck’ passages in your therapy.  You can gain clarity and another perspective to view with myself, and then continue the dialogue with your psychotherapist, having (got through a chapter or two, or three of your life).  Modern day clients want to participate in a therapy that is positive, specific, succinct, and that can  effect results in three to five sessions. Let me help you fast track psychotherapy.

The Package includes:
•    a discussion to gather a few words or phrases to begin the session.  Curiously it is often the first phrase, or the last, that is key;
•    a dialogue in deep relaxation to gain clarity, illumination, and another perspective to view your situation from.  There is often that ‘Aha’ moment;
•    a process of reconciliation and perhaps acceptance.  This process is rooted and grounded in love, and entirely progresses with you in mind.  Permission is asked, every step of the way;
•    building a metaphorical team, (of your choice) to move forward with you, and to support, and champion you;
•    dress rehearsals in your given area of work, and in which you discover yourself to have ability, skill and a wonderful shine.  You discover yourself, relieved, more conscious and free.

If you have any questions or if you wish to book a session, please click on the button below. If you are situated outside of central London or Malta, Deborah offers you the opportunity of one-to-one sessions via video-linked Skype.

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