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Freedom from Fear of Flying

Fear Beating Fear of Flying with Hypnotherapyof flying is rarely due to turbulence. Okay, it can be, but believe me, very rarely is.

That fact is open to discussion. Fear of flying is usually due to an extremely traumatic set of circumstances that get ‘tangled together’ with the experience of a flight. Examples may be separation from family, the arrival back at your home airport, having spent a long haul flight worrying throughout the flight about an impending event ahead of you. This could be surgery, a funeral, an event that has conjured up extreme ’emotional’ turbulence.

The Package includes:
• discovering the real reason when a fear of flying first seeded within your deepest mind;
• speaking to the Captain to learn from the hightest authority how safe choosing to fly, truly is, as opposed to other forms of transportation. Fact. Flying is much safer than driving on the highway for example;
• building a team to fly with you. This team, leave home with you. They check in with you and sit in departures with you. Most importantly, they are trained to take off with you; be a championing support throughout the entire flight; and ensure a safe and comfortable landing;
• dress rehearsing an upcoming flight, to install a positive experience each and every flight;
• a positive assurance that you can begin to anticipate safe landings and be ready for take-off.
• as a bonus, the fear of flying package includes the likelihood that once having ‘taken-off’, other aspects of your life have been fuelled for take-off too, and such you are going to experience a ripple effect in other areas of your life.

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