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Stress Management, Well-Being and Balance


Do you experience a sense of being overwhelmed?

Do you feel stressed to extremes? Would you say you feel pulled in all directions? Are you pleasing everyone but yourself, and cannot fit yourself in? Is the spotlight on you, such you feel that you are constantly being audited?

S-T-R-E-S-S can scream inside of you ― bubbling up at all times of day or night.  Worry, anxiety, fear, can live in your pockets and do not need sleep. Or so it seems.  Choose the stress management package to get some RELIEF.

The Package includes the opportunity to BREATHE again:
•    discover the roots of your stress, and get access to the ‘source’, a source that may find its roots way back when.  For example, you may discover a ‘pattern’ of responses that have been ‘imprinted’ within your deepest mind from way back when.  The pattern, or programming, you may discover, is alive and well, and fueling your lack of coping ability in the here and now;
•    discover and practise tools to support you, and moderate the rush of feeling that overloads you;
•    rehearse scenarios where you can begin to experience yourself in a calm, moderated, comfortable and controlled kind of way.
•    an opportunity to champion yourself, and focus on what is great and good.
•    an opportunity to regain your BALANCE and inner EQUILIBRIUM.

To take advantage of Deborah Marshall-Warren’s services please use the buttons below. If you are situated outside of London or Malta, Deborah offers you the opportunity of one-to-one sessions via video-linked Skype.

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