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The following are unsolicited comments that clients have sent to Deborah in letters and cards after undergoing hypnotherapy. The identity of the clients giving these hypnotherapy testimonials is hidden in order to respect their privacy.


General Testimonials

  • “Thanks Deborah.. I am loving my new found insights…” Deborah Marshall-Warren(Thailand, May 2009, Entranced coaching – Building your own inner team)
  • “Thank you for a great session — feeling very positive!”
  • “I wouldn’t have known where to have started. Then, when I saw that piece [Flustered about Flushing, Marie Claire, March 2000], I thought — this is my chance to do something!”
  • “I have never before seen the wisdom that is there inside me.”
  • “I have found it a very powerful experience and hope to find it in me to go further.”
  • “Thank you for yesterday’s session, I really enjoyed it and felt very good afterwards.” (Malta, May 2009)
  • “Interactive hypnosis provided me with very wonderful insights, images and processes with which to work, ones that I can keep in mind as I prepare for the shows.”
  • I found the session very therapeutic and calming. I played your tape last night when I was in bed and was fast asleep before the end.”
  • “You have been a spiritual rock of Gibraltar, Deborah. Your inspiration, encouragement, and joy have propelled me forward and helped me to relinquish old fears and trust my focus. Thank you for everything!” (London, December 2006)


Thank you messages …

  • “Thanks so much for the session the other night, it’s clear to me already that it’s had a huge impact. What you do is truly amazing, and I am really looking forward to our next session ” (London, January 2005)
  • “I wish to thank you so much for a wonderful experience. Today I feel so calm and peaceful, like never before.” (Malta, August 2004)
  • “I just wanted to drop you a line following my session … It worked! I am absolutely delighted and feel so much better for it, you can’t imagine. I’ve left it a month before writing as I wanted to be absolutely sure — but now I am. Thank you so much.” (London, August 2004)
  • “Thank you … so much for the wonderful session. I can feel the magic taking place already. Looking forward to our next meeting.”
  • “Thank you … for your positive attitude and your uplifting nature.”
  • “I’ve been lost without this tape!”
  • “I feel wonderful!”
  • “Thank you … once again for our work together. It is almost magical!”
  • “Thank you … once again for all your help. I wish we’d met a couple of months ago. However, all’s well that ends well.”
  • “Thank you … for listening.”
  • “Thank you … for the hypnotherapy session. It was very releasing.”
  • “Thank you … for bringing me back into the land of the living.”
  • “Thank you … for providing valued insight into my subconscious.”
  • “Thanks …. for all your help. It was good to meet you and I look forward to seeing you next Wednesday. I’ve already thought of some other team members who can join us!”

“Hi Deborah. I want to thank you. I am feeling much happier. God bless you. See you soon.” R. (2008)

“I just cannot believe it! You have done it! As I walked out of your front door, I knew the twitch had left me, and it has not come back! I’m overcome with thanks to you. I did very much enjoy my visit, but I think we can now cancel my appoinment for Thursday. If I ever have any more odd happenings, I shall most certainly come back to you. I’m now looking forward to reading your book. My thanks again.”

“Many thanks for the wonderful session on Friday. I am looking forward to testing my new ‘flying confidence’ soon.”

“I can’t begin to tell you how exciting life has been since I last saw you. I’ve started writing with more clarity than I have ever experienced. I am truely amazed at how quickly my pen is able to flow: it’s as if it has a mind of its own. My internal language is also changing by the second, erasing all my negative thoughts as they come to mind. The hard disk is working very well.”

“I just wanted to write and say thank you. I felt the hypnotherapy was really special and that it helped me. My nails are already starting to grow! But more than that I feel calmer and more confident – happier even.”

“Hi Deborah, How are you? I hope you are well. I know you saw my friend yesterday and she had such an amazing session with you, I’m so glad you were able to help her on her journey.” (April 2010: a client in Malta, who found freedom from childhood fear and anger, having grown up in the midst of family violence).

Results after just two sessions

“Hi Deborah, this is just a note to say that I would like to cancel our arranged appointment this Wednesday, the reason being that I have noticed a significant difference since the appointments.” (London, January 2006).



“Congratulations! I slept and dreamt. There was a leaf falling from an autumn tree. The smell of ozone from a nearby lightning bolt and the sound of water flowing down a stream. It was rainy and I liked it. I wasn’t alone and you can guess who was with me. [The Inner Team: ‘Enjoyment’ and ‘Girlfriend’.] I woke up to recreate the same scenario. Lightning from a high-voltage supply I built from a scrap TV set. Water and mist from a pond fogger.Incense. And red wine. I know how to enjoy life hey?” (Malta, August 2004)



“Good morning dearest Deborah. It was very reassuring taling to you yesterday. I talked to [my son] and he told me that he feels confident to go for the oral exams even without rehearsing! A positive thing isn’t it?! And I am so happy about it.” — A mother who brought her son for help with stammering: her son is a fourteen-year-old boy who has been attending traditional speech therapy sessions since the age of nine on a monthly basis. Deborah received a text following the fourth session of interactive hypnotherapy and following a telephone conversation with the Mother. (Malta, June 2008)


Confidence and self-esteem

“Have been meaning to get back to you for ages now. I’m feeling quite good, finding myself and putting myself into situations I would find fearful and having a mental attitude of ‘yes I can do it’.. and perceiving it as a challenge. I feel more focused and aware of what I want and what I have to do to achieve it; and actually feel like yes I can do it.. and am doing it and will do it. It’s a very nice feeling to have! I had some trouble at the beginning – probably resistance…” (Malta. July 2010)

“I don’t really know how, or why — but, yes, I felt it straight away. I felt like I wanted to put on different clothes — more confident clothes — to show people I’m more confident. It was like — I’m fine. I don’t have to hide behind anything.” (London, 2002)

“It has worked! It has really worked! Whatever happened it has really really worked!” Female client who had a feeling of inferiority in certain company, reporting her excitement following the initial session. (Malta, August 2008)

“Just got home and wanted to thank you for all the work you have done with me. I am so pleased with the outcome of the last session and am sure that today will add to it.” H., who was seeking to regain self-belief and self-esteem (London, September 2008)

Building Trust — “I am going to Maine for a retreat… I have asked my assistant to handle the calls and the bookings and my Dad is going to handle the Internet Store. This will be the first time I am trusting others to do what I usually feel I must do and my first real break in well, ever – I guess. I am going to go into the stillness and receive the guidance necessary for the next stage of my life. Thanks for the part you played with your work which has contributed to my new found ability to trust in others to lend support and handle my business while I take the time to rest and replenish the coffers of my soul. Sending lots and lots of love” MJ, New York (March 2008)

Building Self-Confidence — “Thanks for the work you did with me. I feel like a million bucks. Never been so confident. Honestly. I welcome compliments. I’m at ease with all my work mates. It’s really, really great. Thanks again”, K. (London, 2008)

Confidence and self-esteem – children

“My son is saying his ‘lines’ (affirming statements about his gifts and positive qualities from a ‘can do’ perspective and his sister is joining in to say them as well,” S.’s mother (Malta, February 2010)

Hypnotherapy for generally feeling better

“Hi Deborah I think that everyone can benefit from having a couple of sessions with you, the same as I have done and I would not wish anything less for my friends. Take care. Love Always …” (Malta, November 2010)

Presentation skills & public speaking

“I can honestly say the sessions with you had a profound influence on the way I performed and also the way I now approach life in general. The problems I had with presentations and anxiety are no longer an issue, and it’s truly liberating and empowering to be free of those burdens. I’m glad I got to meet you and am grateful for the work you did with me. I have to say it is indeed a unique experience, I remember feeling as if in a strange new world in our first session and the progress just kept coming from there. I will certainly be recommending you to anyone I encounter with problems as I had. Thanks for everything and I look forward to meeting you again sometime in the future.” (DB, Malta, July 2010)

“Dear Deborah, … I have been meaning to email you for some time. Ever since my last course presentation on the 5th June. I just wanted to say that I feel very grateful for your work with me during the course of my training. The presentation discussion group (after I had presented my case material) was quite intense and conflictual. However, I felt that I could come from a stronger place in myself, and hold my work with the case study in a context of respect and creativity. When it was over, the Seminar leader said it had been ‘excellent’. Some of my colleagues were very interested in the work, and affected by the presentation in an experiential way, which was new. (in the context of all the presentations. Mine was the last one) I think one of the words I had used with you, regarding this presentation was to feel ‘radiant,’ and I did feel that. So I send you my heartfelt appreciation.” (London, 2009)

Freedom of Expression – Singing and Vocal Development

“Hi Deborah, I hope you’re well! I want to start by saying thank you for last Sunday; it truly was an amazing experience!! Singing has been feeling great! Free and expressive… I feel the difference much more between using my mind to sing and my heart to express… its like my body just works automatically – I dont need to really think about it..I didn’t have anxiety for work last weekend but I have been having anxiety during the week, like in the mornings, and I really don’t want to be there. Thanks Deborah. I’m very excited for Fri at 4 pm.. can’t wait to share another experience with you” a professional singer (Malta, 2009)

Emotional Development

  • “Dear Deborah, Thank you for your message on my phone! […] You have done so much for me, and I wanted to give just a little back as a token of my gratitude. I got back home about last night, and it is good to be home again in a way, although I truly enjoyed my stay in Malta. Not least to meet you, Deborah, and go through that session with you, has started me a new life. I feel so much stronger. I will perhaps want another session when we will be staying in Senglea from 1 to 5 November, but I will revert to that. […] Thank you again for being there for me. I really do feel a difference in the RIGHT direction.” K. (Malta, October 2007).
  • “Hi Deborah, You will always have a special place in my heart. You have provided me with so much strength and confidence and helped propel my life to a different stratosphere. My ‘beyond words’ relationship with X has been magical and amazingly real, and only now do I realise what I had been missing and cannot imagine life without him. Continue doing your wonderful magic Deborah, I am sure we will catch up in the near future.” D (Thailand, November 2007)
  • “Dear Deborah, Thank you for your reply. I do hope you had a good trip back. […] As you say, not wishing to ‘inconvenience people for my right reasons’ is now a thing of the past – I will feel good about my choice! I bought your book at HB Health and the audio tape arrived a couple of hours ago. It’s great to have a reminder of your amazingly soothing voice. I’ve read about half the book – though not in enough detail and feel it’s going to help tremendously. It’s uncanny how so many areas and case studies were so similar to our encounters; it will be a great memory jogger of our two fantastic sessions. I can’t wait to try out the ‘orange liquid detox’. I still feel quite euphoric and have a ‘glowing’ sensation within myself. I’m noticing that I’m challenging any negative / unkind thoughts, but in a constructive way – won’t accept a direct ‘ticking off’ from myself it has to be firm but in a reasonable tone. Thank you once again.” S. (London, February 2007)
  • “I am certainly feeling very relaxed since we met on Saturday, being in this lovely relaxed state also lets you think more clearly…” (London, May 2010; client using Deborah’s CD)

Emotional Development and Opening up Communications “Hi Deborah, Thanks for reponding so quickly. At the same time I would like to mention my husband. You do remember doing a [hypnotherapy] demo for us at the centre. He is fine and everything seems to going well between himself and our son! Thank you and God for that!! I know it has taken me quite a while to decide whether or not I should come and see you but it is NOW that I know is the right time for me to come. Thank you so much. Looking forward to wednesday!” (Malta, July 2009)


Deborah: “I look forward to seeing you .. and may the insights have continued to flow!”
Client: “Indeed, they have. Look foward to seeing you too.”

Performance Anxiety for Stage Performers

“Hi Deborah, Hope all is well with you. Lovely to get your email, all is well with me — the nerves have now really gone and I’m back to my old self, with the exception of having lost six stone in weight. I think about what you did to help me at a time when everything was going wrong and just wanted to say thanks again, really. Last year I sang major roles at a lot of big European houses, including Traviata at the English National Opera, so I am really dealing with things OK! I’ve told loads of people about my troubles because there are so many singers who suffer badly with nerves, and most of them develop the problem after their having been singing for ten years or so, just like myself. People are ashamed of losing their nerve, because they don’t want to show a weakness, but I wamnt people to know that you can come back. I’ve given your numnber to quite a few people. I gave it to another tenor just today, so I hope they come and see you.” W. (London, January 2007)

“Hello Deborah! It’s me, S! Yesterday I did an excellent performance and I am very proud with it! For now the organizers didn’t tell us when they are going to show it on TV. But as soon as they tell us I will inform you immediately!!” S., aged 11 (London, October 2007)

“Hi Deborah, Thanks for your lovely thoughts! I have been quite stressed lately – school and concerts, always having to be on top form – but yesterday had a wonderful experience in my singing lesson – and I’m just ecstatic for what the new may bring ūüôā Thank you so much for your suppoort. Your be belief in me, and especially the encouragement you give me with regards to my singing help me more than you know! So thank you so much and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year,” J. (Malta, December 2009)

Performance Enhancement for singers: “Ciao, wow wow wow!”

“Dear Deborah, I came with a very unknown feeling to Valetta, my self-confidence is much higher and the rehearsal went well, much better then yesterday. I made much progress and I want to thank you for this. wWen shall we meet again? .. Hugs and god bless you, you made me clearer.”

From Deborah: “Your email is so heartfelt and thrilling… You are like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz… what she was seeking in terms of ‘inner coaching’ was very close by, but she didn’t see it… but then you did! or then you got it! It is wonderful and all next week you are going to build and build on this. … I am so, so, so de-lighted!”

Client’s reply: “I think this time you must have pushed a button which is very good for me. I came with a peace I have never felt before to the theatre and on stage I haven’t felt at all fright or something in my stomach which I have felt normally. I am so thankful to you. I not only sung the afternoon rehearsal through very well I also went through the whole run-through this evening for the first time, so theoreticaly i did it once!! also practically many times. Oh Debbie im so excited about our sessions I would love to work more with you before I leave Malta.”

Exam nerves

“Dear Deborah, Many thanks for seeing S. on Saturday. I was so pleased that she wanted to see you again. Thanks also for the suggestion for next time if she needs a tweak. Thanks once again for the session in February with S.. It was a relief all round that she was so calm during the recent exams. You are doing amazing work. Speak soon!” (London, June 2010)


Well I had an absolutely fantastic skiing holiday — probably the best from a skiing point of view! I skied to my ability and possibly a little beyond without fear and almost no apprehension — but quickly overcame this by relaxing, thinking positively, calling up “Confidence” and fingering “my orange detox beads”! I really gained a great sense of achievement – so far from the bleak disappointment of the previous trip. Letting myself go become all too apparent with one spectacular wipe out, where I jettisoned both skis and even a glove. It was a euphoric experience, where I realized the positive result of making that mistake was just to get buried in snow, rather than the previous negative thought of possibly getting hurt. I’ve come home with hardly any bruises, only minor aches and pains and feeling much less tired than I normally would after a strenuous week’s skiing. A relaxed approach makes such a difference!

One final skiing point – a sense of d√©j√† vu! I skied by myself for about an hour just after lunch on the final afternoon, while some others went tobogganing – happy with my choice. I reached the crest of a moderately steep section with some moguls to one side – didn’t stop, happy to tackle the slope head on. At the bottom, as I looked back up, I realized I was seeing myself again. I had totally re-created the scene you had asked me to imagine on the 30-metre cinema screen!

Since our sessions I have become much more relaxed and calmer. Confidence is abundant and hence there are far fewer inhibitions. Even my husband has noticed and the effects are rubbing off. There’s an added bonus of our sex life moving up a notch, can’t be bad!!!

Thank you very much in deed for all your help.



  • “I had a wonderful wedding day, and want to thank you very much for the key part you played in this. Everyone said how radiant I looked which was a major achievement on your part, Many thanks. I will email you with the photos when available!” HM.
  • “Thank you so much for your lovely card. The wedding went really well despite a few small dramas on the week before with my dress! We had a lovely day and an even better honeymoon in Mauritius. Thank you for all your love and support this year” A. (London, December 2004)
  • “I am a huge fan of your work, I think it really works. It definitely helped me during my wedding.”



“I look forward to seeing you then. I felt very emotional yesterday after the session and difficult memories flooded back which I know I needed to release, so it felt very positive. Thanks” (September 2008)

“Dear Deborah, I am going to cancel our next appointment on friday 24th at 2pm- because I AM PREGNANT!! Thank you for you support and for helping me on this journey. Please let me know when it is a good time to see you regarding hypnosis for birth. I am so excited and so grateful!” F., A client who was ‘blocking’ conception due to unresolved issues rooted in the past. The sessions afforded her exploration, clarity, understanding, acceptance, and positive closure, and … pregnancy! (October 2008)


Supporting medical interventions

“thankyou dear for your encouraging remarks and i think you were the angel in our lives. lets hope our positive vibes will help my sister along in her ordeal tomorow. today in fact i spoke very highly of you with some more friends of mine and i am hoping they will get in touch with you for a session too as they were both interested. goodnight xxx” (Malta, July 2010)

Fear of flying

“I made it! Flights were fine, there and back. Nervous, but I remembered all we discussed. Pink, happiness, etc. The wedding and weekend were wonderful. Thanks for all your help!”

“Dear Deborah, Just to finally say a very big thank you for all your help and advice! The flights to and from the US were absolutely great — completely thanks to your therapy!!! We had the most wonderful time in America and I’m sure I’m going to travel to many more far way countries in the future. The whole hypnotherapy experience has opened up a completely new prospect in my life. Deborah, I just don’t know how to thank you. I’m sure I’m going to come and see you again some time! Thank you so much again!” (London, August 2004)

“Just thought I’d drop you a line to share the success of yet another “good” flight! Five hours economy class to Cyprus — lots of turbulance — me and my nerves totally intact! Thanks again!” D. (London, March 1998)

Career and Business Development

“It has been a pleasure to meet you and talk with someone so positive and open-minded. We will not hesitate in recommending you to any of our clients who need your help. I have enclosed some of our cards/flyers.” Liberate365 Ltd

Mind Detox (book and audio-tape)

“For four months my life has been undergoing the most profound and dramatic changes, stimulated and constantly accompanied by your voice and your ideas via Mind Detox. After years of exhaustive self-analysis, I at last found the stimulus I needed to make things happen for me.”

“Yesterday I was telling a friend about your book Mind Detox and your upcoming visit… I was explaining to him the purpose of your work, clinical hypnotherapy and the role of the mind and body in wholeness and healing. He is preparing for an Accountant’s Exam and I was telling him how much your book would benefit him. I was about to send it to him but decided to revisit Mind Detox myself. In the past I had skimmed your book but not read it thoroughly. On my second read I am amazed at your superb flow of writing and how helpful the book is to me at this moment. Your writing style is so relaxed, and personal that I feel you are speaking directly to me. I am not a visual person. Although I can lead guided imagery with my voice seldom do I have lasting results when visualization is suggested in “new age” books. Usually I quickly close the book. Nor have I achieved success in classes or workshops with guided experiences. I either tend to get frustrated and disappointed or fall asleep. For the first time I really read your words and took time to follow your directions. The “orange liquid” was my morning meditation. I shared it with another friend today who I had lent the book to last year and she also mentioned how much she loved the book and how helpful were the exercises. I’m telling you Deborah I’m not visual but the liquid exercise truly benefited me and I can’t wait to get back to your book. Too bad so sad for my other friend. I don’t know if he will ever get my book. THANK YOU so much for this book at a time for me when I truly need it, more than word can express! As I often say there is a market here for your book.” — A reader in the USA.

I’m Afraid of Hypnosis but I Don’t Know Why (book)

“I am enjoying reading your book which is really keeping my attention. I’m particularly enjoying the way you simplify hypnotherapy in layman’s terms by using analogies from everyday life such as computing, driving, gardening, etc. It transforms what I would have considered a very difficult subject into a good read.” – MH, Yorkshire.

Consultancy in the Sun (Book)

“If you’re a health or wellness practitioner with a desire to deliver your particular gifts more expansively to the world; broaden your horizons; nurture yourself while you work; appease the ‘gypsy in your soul’ — Consultancy in the Sun is an absolute must read. Deborah Marshall-Warren has created a clear, concise, adeptly organized guide which holds a wealth of information — all that you’ll need to launch your own successful consultancy . . . in the sun.” MJ Sawyer, Therapeutic Counselor, New York, NY

Health & Wellness CD

“Dear Deborah, Thank you so very much for your thoughts & your kindness in sending me your CD. I’m finding it very inspirational at this difficult time. It’s really helping me to truly relax and look to the future with hope.” J. (London)

An End to Smoking CD

“Hi Deborah, I listen to the CD for stop smoking and you have an incredible voice that really penetrates the sub conscious !!! Absolutely great !!” (AP, Thailand, April 2010)

Moving on from Grief

“Well first of all I want to thank you as the first session has made such an effect on me and has given me such a relieve it nearly unbelievable :)!” and “So want to say what a fantastic session that was, thank you.” (Malta, May 2011)

marhsall-warren.com (web site)

“Just wanted to say thank you for the great free resources. I’m very impressed with your site. Well done and thanks again,” A. (England, March 2010)

Hypno-to-Go Downloads are very helpful

“I really enjoyed reading your downloads, Deborah. You write with great use of similes and metaphors which help understanding and it all is very clear and concise. I found it very helpful, as I’m sure others will too and you’ve clearly put a lot of effort and thought into it all. Your passion for helping others comes through! Many thanks for these and I look forward to seeing you on Friday.” (S., London, January 2011)

Mind Detox book eased my depression

“I had depression and was feeling really low when a friend lent me Deborah’s book. The concept was new to me but after reading the exercises it seemed to make sense. At first I found the visualisation part a bit tricky but after a while I found the concept of thinking of my mind as a ‘team’ such an easy way of understanding my conflicting emotions, and had great fun picking players to help banish my blues! The exercises are easy and the results instant. Now, every time I’m low. I do a quick detox and feel more sparky.” [from Here’s Health magazine June 1999]

“I have taken great delight in reading your book I’m Afraid of Hypnosis But I Don’t Know Why. As a fairly recently qualified hypnotherapist I found it very helpful in having some indication of possible preconceived ideas.”


Freedom from depression

“Hello Deborah, I hope you are well. Just a note to touch base with you. I have had a wonderful three days where I thought I was really out of the woods. I can’t wait to see you again to get the process going towards its final stages so that, hopefully, I can recover my old energies which I need rather badly at the moment. ” (Malta, May 2009)

“Thank you … for being there, and for such an incredible session today. I am still floating. I drove home with a smile constantly coming up and nudging me. I will check to see if ‘Perky’ will expect overtime rates.”

Fear of … Relationships

“As you said, some day I would contact you and say … I have a wonderful serious boyfriend and my weight is stable! Hurrah! (The more men are attracted to me the safer I become.) Thanks!”

Freedom from Anxiety and Panic Attacks

“Dear Deborah, I would like to tell you that I’m doing really well now. Got a good job working from home and feeling good thanks to you. Hope you are well too. I would like to ask you if hypnotherapy works also for insects phobia.” (Malta, April 2010)

Fear of … Insects

[A client who had a fear of moths and butterflies.] “I thought you might be interested to know that I have been to the Horniman Museum a couple of times since we met. I’ve been able to look closely at the butterflies, both English and tropical, with no feelings of anxiety at all (although I did, on the first occasion have an overwhelming sense of how alien the whole situation of my looking at butterflies really was). Since my trip, I have had to put my new-found butterfly friendliness to the test, unexpectedly at a couple of flea markets — and didn’t have any problems at all. I even managed, on my most recent Horniman visit, to play with a moth wing, in a sealed jar, while my nephew and I looked at its spots under the microscope. Friends and family are amazed.”

“Hello Deborah, Thank you cause I forgot to contact you. The session has been very helpful. I am still anxious around those insects but I’m getting better and better. I dont know why but before I use to see them from a kilometre away and now I dont see any. I think hypnotherapy works miracles sometimes ūüôā I cannot come for more sessions at the moment as I had some important payments to make so money is all gone again. But I will come for more sessions when Im better for sure. Sorry again Deborah and thank you” (Malta, July 2010)

Fear of … Wasps

“Hi Deborah, Hope you are well. I thought I should write to you as I have just returned from hols and wanted to let you know how it went. I noticed such a huge difference, there was only the odd scream and I ran away from a large hornet but other than that I ate outside, wasn’t too bothered by the buzzing and generally was so much more relaxed than Ive ever been with the wasps. Everyone noticed and Matt was very impressed. So a huge thank you, whatever you did made a big difference. I may need the odd refresher from time to time but think I should be OK for this year! Also I really think you could help my boyfriend so please let me know when you are next back.Kind regards …” (UK, August 2011)

Fear of … Driving

“Thank you for the tremendous help you gave me in overcoming my fear of driving. I would never have believed it could happen! I now drive happily and with a much increased enjoyment of life and confidence. I am most grateful for the help you gave me in overcoming my fear. It gave me confidence to accept a school place for M. which requires me to drive him to school. I will certainly come back to you in the future to help overcome other fears such as swimming phobia.”

Fear of … Dentistry “Thanks for all your help this year. My brace is doing well and one of the gaps has filled already!”

Fear of … blushing “I now know where it [the blushing] stems from. I feel a weight has lifted completely.”

“I have felt so much more relaxed. I have not been talking down to myself. I am generally a lot lighter. I cannot believe I’ve noticed the difference so quickly. I really can’t believe it. Incredible!”

“I felt like I’d really come back from a holiday — a real buzz!”

Fear of … Enclosed Spaces

“You’ll never guess, but I actually went to Paris on Eurostar!”

Fear of … eating noises

“I wish to thank you so much for a wonderful experience. Today I feel so calm and peaceful, like never before.” (Malta, August 2004)

Emotional Development

“Hi Deborah, After my session with you, I felt relaxed and very much like a weight had lifted from my shoulders. This was a fantastic feeling as I had been extremely stressed beforehand. The days afterwards, I did have very disturbing nightmares. Really violent and horrible but they subsided after a few days. I also started a detox 2 weeks ago – no alcohol, meat, dairy, sugar and feel very good. My skin has completely cleared up and is the best it has been in a long time. I have been going to the gym a few times as well which is great. I do feel like I still need an extra push on my weight loss goals so maybe we can work on that next time I see you. I’ve had an issue at work with my boss on Monday who shouted and swore at me for no reason and that has stressed me out this week – and now have come down with tonsillitis so not feeling very good at the moment. I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said – how my emotions and stress are affecting my body and health. Is that why my glands and tonsils are swollen / infected maybe? I’m really looking forward to seeing you at the next appointment.” (London, April 2010)


“I came to you to give up smoking one year ago. Thanks to you I am still a non-smoker.”

“Greetings from California and thank you for the email with all the information! This is great to have and to remind me of what is offered to our clients. I am a testimonial to what can happen while at Six Senses Spa. As you may know I had a session with Deborah and am now almost two weeks without a cigarette! So I obviously know the powerful effect Six Senses Spas can have on people. Thank you for the opportunity to experience Six Senses. It is perfect respite for clients travelling through southeast Asia and I know my clients will appreciate all it has to offer.” (May 2009, Caliornian visitor to Thai Spa)”

Sexual Dysfunction

“I am very happy to tell you that the sessions were a great success, and my life has returned to normal.”

Musicianship and Memory

“The session has already had a positive influence on my musicianship. A few weeks ago I played without any problems memorizing the melody.”

Eating disorder

“Hi Deborah, Thanks for your e-mail. I went to another hypnotist and it didn’t work on me at all, not even for a whole day. Will come and see you at our appointment arranged in June. I think it would really help me to have a CD from you to listen to during the week. Can’t wait till our appointment – you are the only person who can help me.”


The subconscious …

“I love my subconscious. My subconscious is like an angel. It helps me all the time. Wonderful stories … Wonderful memories … Wonderful designs for my life … I respect it and I thank it very much. I thank it for the wonderful relationship we have and the companionship it has. It has opened the door and was ready to give me the answers.”


Comments from other therapists

“A technique that is full of audible interaction between therapist, subconscious, and client — leaving little doubt that the therapy is having its effect”

“I was really impressed by your style and hope that I can adopt some it as my own. You gave me some great ideas and instilled some more confidence.”



Direct suggestion versus interactive hypnotherapy

A male client reflecting on his experience of direct suggestion hypnotherapy:

“I sat and listened for twenty minutes to a prepared script. It didn’t dent the surface. Nice words but they went over the top. I didn’t feel them inside me. I came away feeling no different.”

A female client reflecting on her first session of interactive hypnotherapy:

“I feel much more confident about it. There is nothing pushy about it. It’s a bit of a wonderment. It gives me so much food for thought and that in itself is good. The words stay there and you can feed on them.”

At the Thai spa

“It was really lovely thing that I could meet you during my short stay in six senses spa. After I hear that you will only stay twice a year for this property, I really have to thank my angel to this serendipity! I was in good time and meet right lady that is you. I will try to use my subconscious more to get a right partner and fly high both in my private life and career! AND promise you that I will visit you in Martha island!!! Will send you report how I felt and how I am now once I back to Japan, too. But for the meanwhile, let’s have a good and safe trip back to our country! Please keep in touch and see you very soon,” (Japanese client at Six Senses Spa, Thailand, May 2010)

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