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Yesterday you read that it is one thing to know your personal talent and ‘personal brand’, BrandYou Photo Deborah on paper and another to know who you are within.  For, all of us carry within ourselves, labels and tendencies that can govern how we think about ourselves.  These were designed, and initiated long ago by someone else … or by some past event or circumstance in our lives … and they continues to define and re-define our personal brand.  More often than not, these are tendencies that we seem to be unable to let go of.

Are you surprised by that statement?  When we choose our outside labels we may feel very much in control, at least for the most part. We feel we are making a conscious ‘front office’ choice. But often we shop just ‘to feel better’… to have more confidence, to have more self-esteem, to fill-up in some way, to ‘avoid making a decision’, to resist going to the gym, to resist facing up to something in life. We may shop for comfort, and indulge in retail therapy to fill-up with someone else’s brand every day.

Activities and pursuits that go on within the front office of the mind are often driven by an emotion in the back-office of the mind. For example, that emotion might be labeled by the subconscious as Lack, or a perception of lacking something. It might be a lack of self assurance, or a feeling of insecurity; or a lack of self-esteem,  self-confidence, self-worth. Or it night be a fear of being found out as not ‘up to the job’.  Or guilt… ‘Brand Fear’ and ‘Brand Guilt’ can stay up all night: they do not need any sleep.

Our emotional world, which is driven from the Back Office, can ‘leak’.  Our psychic plumbing may be broken and in need of fixing. But we in our front office do not consciously wish to admit it.

Come and find out how to secure your ladder to success to your emotional wall, and find out how to fix the plumbing and stop your emotional leaks at Brand You!

Brand You is the first ever ‘Business Professionals in Malta’ LinkedIn group event. A half-seminar, half-networking event, I shall be introducing you to the concept of nurturing your inner brand, to enable you to gain balance as opposed to bravado. The event is being held on the 26th of July at the Black Pearl, Ta Xbiex Marina (Malta).

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