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It is one thing to know your personal talent and BrandYou EventpersonaBrandYou Eventl brand on paper, but another to know who you are within.
Your personal talent, as defined by your skills … gifts … successes … degrees … Master degrees and perhaps a Doctorate … your car … your phone … your best suit … your pur-suits … designer labels, perhaps … but designed by someone else.
The fine line between what is in your ‘Front Office’ and what is in your ‘Back Office’ (the deeper mind) can be paper thin.
Imagine how many of us would be in employment if the job application had said “only whole beings may apply”?  How many of us can vouch for the emotional stability of our inner brand, come what may in our lives?
How many of us have a inner brand that is, in essence, riding upon bravado rather than on security, self-belief and balance? “Bah, humbug”, your ego may think!  “I’m at the top of my game!”
Are you sometimes unable to make decisions?  Are you unable to take risks?  Are you unable to get on a plane?  Are you unable to quit smoking? Do you eat to fill up with food, over and above what is necessary for energy and sustenance? (And the over-eating can include eating too much of the good stuff as well as the junk food.) …  And never feel full-filled? Are you a workaholic … prone to fill up your days with work, and can never take a break and r-e-l-a-x to just sit down and enjoy your success?  Be curious… at Brand You, the first Business Professionals in Malta LinkedIn group event, you may discover that something is going on in the Back Office of your mind that is driving your mind’s Front Office … and doing so to a greater degree than you are aware of!
Brand You is being organized by Lead Events and is being held on the evening of 26th July, at the Black Pearl, Ta Xbiex, Malta.

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