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My speech titled “The Wizard of Us” at TEDx Valletta 2011, Malta.

First published as an illustrated book in 1900, Frank Baum’s story, of The Wizard of Oz, became a popular stage production.  In 1939 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer released it as a feature film making innovative use of Technicolor and special effects.  According to the Library of Congress, it is the most-watched motion picture in history.

The Wizard of Oz, is a classic film, and a film that works on many levels.

  • On the surface, it’s a children’s film – a fairy-tale about a girl who is sucked out of her life by a tornado and has adventures in a magical land.
  • Dig a little deeper (as Toto did), and it is an allegory about a girl discovering the riches of everyday life in her own back yard.
  • And as we reflect on the film we find a lexicon of psychological and spiritual insights into our own selves.  It is a story about our insecurities and our fears. And it is a story that reveals the jewels inside our very selves were there all the time.
  • It is an archetypal tale about the people we meet and what matters in our hearts and coming home to ourselves, and to our families.

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