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This month offers a twenty-eight day opportunity! This is the month to stop smoking! October has just begun and this is Stoptober Day! You

Stoptober stop smoking

are invited to take part in an NHS twenty-eight-day challenge.

Are you a smoker?
Do you believe you can stop for at least twenty-eight days and remain smoke-free afterwards?
Do any of your family smoke?
Do you believe you can champion a loved one to stop for at least twenty-eight days and remain smoke-free afterwards?

 There is scientific proof.

Studies show you are five times more likely to give up permanently if you stop for one month.

If you are a smoker, mull over these points as you stub out yet another fag in the ash-tray.
  • Think about all the good – or great! –  reasons for stopping right now…
  • What would need to happen to support your decision to stop smoking in October?
  • How about using interactive hypnotherapy to help boost your will-power in Stoptober?
  • How are you going to feel as you progress through the month of Stoptober, staying free of smoking?
  • What bad effects do you know that smoking has already had on your health?
  • Think about the times in the day when you do not actually feel like smoking. How about if the whole day was like that?
  • Give some thought to how much better your body and complexion will be after you have given up smoking.
  • Give yourself a clear picture of the numbers involved in your habit. How many do you smoke a day? How much is that costing you in money terms, day in, day out? When do you have your first and last cigarettes of the day? How much of your day is already smoke-free? How old were you when you started smoking? How many cigarettes do you think you will have had before you die?
  • Do you know people among your family and friends who had the inner power to stop, and have kept their resolve?
  • Imagine… having a team of ‘inner players’ in your subconscious mind, such as Healthy Eating, Energy, Drive and Willpower, to support you to stop.
  • Imagine what a championing ‘inner team’ would say to you when they champion your success.

 Do you think Stopping Smoking will make you put on weight?

  • With interactive hypnotherapy you can invite the inner player Healthy Eating on board to counteract that, and to ensure that you are drawn to healthy foods … and glass after glass of health-giving water.  We can also ensure that you continue to eat smaller portions and use a smaller plate.

Can you imagine dress-rehearsing amazing freedom, fresh air and success?

  • Now consider what your plans are over the next few days.  Socially?  Over the weekend?    You get the fabulous opportunity to dress-up and sense yourself full of fresh air and free of smoking.  With interactive hypnotherapy, you can experience in your mind situations where you used to smoke. This lets you sense yourself as a non-smoker surrounded by your ‘inner team’ for support.
  • Now imagine being free of smoke, day after day, night after night, week after week, month after month.

 Believe and set up a sense of Resolve

Already you may be on your way to believing you can, can, can quit for twenty-eight days and more.


When you have taken control of something that was controlling you, then sit back and imagine … imagine what else you could take control of in your life?

 Contact Deborah Marshall-Warren at appointments@marshall-warren.com for a Stoptober experience that will leave you surprised and delighted at how easily you can stop smoking forever.

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