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brain with subpersonalitiesWhat can you not get out of your head?  And is that thought doing you good?

Is it a line from a song?  “Twist and shout… yeah baby… twist and shout… work it all out…”  Or is it an affirmation?  ‘I am self confident and am attracting all that is for my highest good‘.   Is it an inner conversation?  Perhaps you are seeking to achieve a pay rise, and are planning your spiel.  Or is it a negative thought?  We are all pretty comfortable with those!  More to the point, is it a negative thought that is gaining the upper hand?  Do you have thoughts about suicide?  Do you have a thought about self-harm or harming another, a that thought seems oft repeated and out of control?

Self talk can be harmful, and out of character!

Self talk when it is not positively persuasive and championing is not supportive of our well-being.  And let’s get this straight, some self-talk can be out of character and shocking to you!  “I would never do anything to harm my grandson.  I love him so much.  The thought that I could do so is very disturbing to me.  I am so depressed.”  In Melissa’s case, the disturbance was such that a psychiatrist had prescribed the usual, ubiquitous pills.  Melissa was taking “anxiety pills, morning and evening”.

Why me?  Why now?  This is what you ask yourself

Melissa maintained, “I longed for a grandchild.  This should be the happiest time of my life.  I want rid of this thought that I could harm him.”

How do you grab a thought at its root?

With interactive hypnotherapy, I can facilitate your finding out when and in what circumstances a thought took you, and held you in its grip.  Melissa’s thought, we discovered, took her in its grip only two months earlier, and to her wonderment was, with ease and immediacy, released and transformed.

In hypnosis a slightly younger Melissa announced, “I am angry at my daughter.  She is refusing for me to take my grandchild outside to walk.  I have to stay in the flat with the infant.  She is not allowing me to be a real grandmother.  I have given her everything.  I have respected her feelings.  She does not respect mine. She is being very unreasonable!”

The clarity and freedom from the thought was immediate.  In fact, as Melissa reported, in hypnosis, that her daughter had already realised that she was in the wrong and had rescinded the restriction.  From a therapeutic perspective, however, it was still important to reconcile the anger.

It is important to get it out of your system ― to vent your spleen! 

Within the hypnosis, the (slightly) younger Melissa spoke to her daughter of the disrespect her demands conveyed.  She spoke of the hurt and restriction she felt in not being able to be the proud grandmother.

The daughter immediately apologised.

Melissa of course accepted her apology.

Forgiveness on both sides was assured.

But the resentment lingered. So, the lingering anger was gathered with the help of a ‘Wise Helper’ and transmuted in to a bright shining heart.

All was well that ended well.  Melissa described herself as feeling “Wonderful” and sensed herself with her grandson, James walking him out in the pram, sharing that she was now, “Happy and fantastic.”  She did not walk alone. Together with her was an ‘invisible’ inner team, called ‘Respect’, ‘Happiness’ and ‘Love’.  They are now a permanent presence in her mind.

What happens next?

Together we will work to reduce her medication, in conjunction with her psychiatrist ― medication that I would humbly suggest was really never appropriate in the first place.  Thank goodness Melissa thought to explore hypnosis and therapy, albeit in desperation.  It was her last resort.

There are more and more reasons for hypnosis and therapy to be first thought!  And first resort!


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