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Would You Like To Finally Quit Smoking And Live A Healthier Life?


Stop Smoking

Do You Need Help To Stop Smoking?

Can you imagine the benefits that will come from being a non-smoker?

Over time, your body will begin to heal from the damage done by cigarettes. Your finances will suddenly improve. At restaurants, there will be no more need to stand outside in the cold and rain in between courses. You can do it.

My name is Deborah and I have been a practicing hypnotherapist for more than 20 years. Over those years I have helped hundreds of people to quit smoking. Not everyone quits permanenently, but the majority of people that I have worked with have quit cigarettes. For good. Permanently.

You can do it too.

As you know, cigarettes have a strong addictive power over both the body and the mind. It is rare for a person to be able to stop smoking permanently after just one session, but it does happen sometimes. It is more likely that you will need a few sessions with me to really get to the root of it and drive the addiction from you. We will do the work together.

Stopping smoking is rarely easy, but I have helped so many people over the years that I know what you will be going through, how to help and how to make the changes permanent. You are not alone. We will do it together.


Let An Expert Help You

I’m not actually very good at self-promotion, but I have been one of London’s leading hypnotherapists for many years. I have published academic publications and written books about hypnotherapy. I have also had writing published in Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, the Daily Mail, The Guardian and The Independent on Sunday.

I have been able to transform people’s lives and I want to help you too.


Let’s Take Back Control Of Your Life

You are about to take control of something that until now, has been controlling you.

It is likely that you have been thinking about this course of action for some time, and so be aware that you have already stepped onto the path of success.

Please remember that it is very important that it is the person who is choosing to stop smoking that makes the appointment.  However much you wish a family member, a colleage or a friend to stop smoking, it has to come from within them.  Making the appointment is another step in the right direction to stopping now.


What Steps Will We Take To Help You Stop Smoking?

•    a discussion of what has brought you to the point of stopping now;
•    interactive and participative discussion in deep relaxation;
•    some direct suggestion hypnosis (which only features in this particular package).;
•    an aversion technique, and remember you remain fully in control;
•    reconciliation and the official signing of a contract to stop;
•    moving forward in to your healthy and healthier life, to realise yourself as a picture of health.  Free.;
•    a dress rehearsal in certain social situations that you mentioned in the initial discussion;
•    a celebration of your success in smoking cessation.


One-On-One Hypnotherapy Sessions In London

I work from a clinic based just around the corner from Harrods in Knightsbridge, London. It is very central and easy to reach by bus or the underground. The clinic is peaceful and the quiet will help us to chat, delve into your reasons for smoking and wanting to quit and take the steps needed to make your goal a reality.

It is always better to meet in person for hypnotherapy sessions. However, sometimes life is just too busy to make that possible. In those situations, we can talk and have the sessions via Skype call. To do this, you will need to be able to find both time and a place that is quiet and you will not be interrupted.

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