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Smoking Cessation


Stop SmokingYou are about to take control of something that up till now, has been controlling you.

It is likely that you have been thinking about this course of action for some time, and so be aware that you have already stepped on to the path of success.

Please remember that it is very important that it is the person who is choosing to stop smoking that makes the appointment.  However much you wish a family member, a colleage or a friend to stop smoking, it has to come for within side them.  Making the appointment is another step in the right direction to stopping now.

The package includes:
•    a discussion of what has brought you to the point of stopping now;
•    interactive and participative discussion in deep relaxation;
•    some direct suggestion hypnosis (which only features in this particular package).;
•    an aversion technique, and remember you remain fully in control;
•    reconciliation and the official signing of a contract to stop;
•    moving forward in to your healthy and healthier life, to realise yourself as a picture of health.  Free.;
•    a dress rehearsal in certain social situations that you mentioned in the initial discussion;
•    a celebration of your success in smoking cessation.

The fee includes a back-up session within a six month period of time from the date of your first session.  This acts as a cushion to support you should you have any ‘drama’ in your life that catapults you back in to your ‘crutch’ zone.  Use it immediately should you need support and literally, back-up.

To take advantage of Deborah Marshall-Warren’s services please use the book a session using the button below. If you are situated outside of London or Malta, Deborah offers you the opportunity of one-to-one sessions via video-linked Skype.

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