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Interactive Hypnotherapy in London and Malta


“Deborah Marshall-Warren’s Interactive Therapy sessions bring out the best in people.”

London Hypnotherapist Deborah Marshall-Warren

About Deborah

Deborah is an award winning hypnotherapist with practices both in London and Malta. Renowned for her interactive hypnotherapy skills, Deborah is a recipient of the Emeritus Fellowship by the National Hypnotherapy Society (FHS UK). Deborah is the author of three books regarding hypnotherapy, and is a regular contributor to leading debates and industry discussions. Today she is celebrating close to  25 years experience, and is recognised as a leading practitioner in her field.

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Interactive Hypnotherapy vs Direct Suggestion Hypnosis

Deborah offers Interactive Hypotherapy, as opposed to direct suggestion hypnosis. She says, “Interactive Hypnotherapy has long lasting results. It is more adaptable than direct suggestion hypnosis, and tackles the root cause of the problems, not just that surface layer. With Interactive Hypnotherapy, you can take the client back to childhood, adolescence, or early adulthood to discover patterns of behaviour and root cause scenarios and associations.  Deborah can then support you in changing them, deep within the unconscious mind to create a more positive experience. 

Direct suggestion hypnosis, on the other hand, is a shallow form of hypnotherapy. Direct suggestion is a blunt instrument. It uses words to get a person relaxed and the therapist offers suggestions that may or may not help the client to achieve their desired results, be that to to stop smoking, lose weight or decrease their anxiety.  Sadly, the suggested changes are often temporary.  My recommendation to clients is to seek a therapist with credibility in Interactive Hypnotherapy. That way you know you will treat the cause of any issues, not just the effect. That way you know your results will last.”

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Deborah's Services

Interactive hypnotherapy is a therapy that will help you overcome psychological challenges and will enhance your life.   It encompasses the use of Clinical, Cognitive, Behavioural Cognitive, Curative Hypnotherapy, and Hypno-analysis, in a multi-dimensional way.  In the same way that you are multidimensional, and adapt to interactions from others, so does Interactive Hypnotherapy.  Each Interactive hypnotherapy session is tailored to your needs in order to reach the root cause of the issue(s).  Deborah invites you to join the increasing number of people who come to Interactive Hypnotherapy because they want something that is “positive, constructive, meaningful and specific.” 

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How Can A Hypnotherapist Help You?

Hello, as you can tell from the information above, my name is Deborah and I am a hypnotherapist. I work two weeks of every month in central London, helping clients from all walks of life to deal with problem areas in their life.

It is possible to use hypnotherapy1 to solve a wide range of problem areas in our day-to-day lives, but there are a few that are more common than others. For example, the main solutions that people need relate to four areas, they are:

Quitting (usually people want to either give up smoking or drinking alcohol)
Losing weight
Overcoming fear and anxiety (such as a fear of flying)
Dealing with stress

Typically, these are issues that we face alone. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a major city like London, there are stresses and pressures that make it very difficult to concentrate and find the will power that we need in the moments that we need it. Additionally, the stressful nature of most people’s jobs in London means that there are outside people and pressures that can derail our efforts, they sneak up on us and in a moment of weakness we are smoking, drinking or eating junk food again.

The reality is that most of us have what it takes to do those four things above, we usually just need a little help to get started and get into a rhythm. Once we have that rhythm, a habit will form and it will become easier and easier every day to achieve our goal.

Any skilled hynotherapist, whether myself or someone else, can help you to get that mental push and start. Typically, we then help with a number of follow up hypnotherapy sessions to reinforce the message. The combination of these factors is able to help a high percentage of people to overcome their limitations and doubts and achieve their goals through hypnotherapy. You can do it too!

Although I am based in central London2, I have helped people from across the south east of England and over the years I have worked with many thousands of people. My clients and patients have not just been stereotypical hard charging types in the financial or legal sectors that are looking for an edge, but managers, employees, mothers, housewives, actors and every other type of person you can imagine.

We each have our own obstacles, challenges and fears to overcome and using hypnotherapy I can help you to beat yours and make the changes that you hope and want to make.

The question then is whether you are ready to take action and make the changes that you need to make. If you are ready, I suggest that you contact me today and we can arrange your first hypnotherapy session. Although I am only in London two weeks per month, we can have sessions by using Skype if that makes life easier for you. Distance should be no barrier to your well being. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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